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Purpose of this site – To develop a place where families, providers, politicians and concerned citizens can go to find information and learn how to advocate for children and adults with disabilities and pediatric cancer.

My goal is simple – Make the issues easy to understand and explain to advocates what they can do to influence change with services to children with disabilities and increasing funding for childhood cancer research in the United States.

Advocacy Distribution List

The primary means of communication to date has been through an advocacy distribution list (enter your email address in the box at right or below to join over 2,500+ members) but my long term goal is to develop the content on this website to help the families understand and navigate the complex system of programs available in the state of Georgia.

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I hope you find this information helpful as we all advocate for change in society. Let’s continue to educate ALL our elected officials on how important disabilities is in our society and with the proper love, acceptance, funding and support…..what amazing things our children can do.

We also need to help educate our elected officials on the need for more childhood cancer research. Currently, less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) budget supports childhood cancer. The goal is to develop better child friendly chemotherapy protocols that have less long term side effects with ultimately finding a cure for cancer. Childhood cancer research deserves to have the commitment for funding specific to children and having multi-year funding in the NCI budget for clinical trials, through drug development and basic science for pediatric research. Only through education are we going to continue to help candidates better understand the issues and concerns of the voters and impact positive change in society!

Also, I wanted you to be aware of some major milestones for my son, Jacob.  In two months, he turned 16 years old, was discharged from oncology to caner survivorship and went to his first prom with his best friend.  FOX 13 news in Atlanta did an amazing four minute news segment on Jacob. Thought you would might enjoy watching: http://www.fox13news.com/health/99918993-story

This is the beginning of a new chapter in Jacob’s life. I hope this inspires and gives you hope in all you have to advocate for in your life. Given the right support, tools and love, our children can achieve ANYTHING!

United…We Will Make a Difference!

Heidi J. Moore
Parent Advocate for Children with Disabilities and Cancer

“Help the Children Now, So They Can Help Themselves Later!”