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Issue_150 – My Birthday Wish – Please advocate for those with Disabilities

Issue_149 – CHOA Concerns Update & Advocacy Days

Issue_148 – Clarification-on-Changes-to-GAPP-CCSP-SOURCE-NOW-COMP-waiver-or-children-under-21-years

Issue_147 – URGENT- Advocacy Needed, New Funding and Positive News

Issue_146 – URGENT-COMP Waiver Rewrite – Action Needed

Issue_145 – COMP Waiver Rate Study

Issue_144 – URGENT NEED FOR INPUT From Families & Self-Advocates! July 21, 2015

Issue_143 – Questions for NOW-COMP Waiver Forums & Info on Fulton County CBI program

Issue_142 – National Study on Participate (self) Directed Services for Disability Waivers

Issue_141 – NOW COMP Waiver Community Forums Notice

Issue_140 – Fulton County Changes to CBI Programs for High School Students

Issue_139 – URGENT- DCH needs family input into GA DD waivers

Issue_138 – NOW COMP ICWP Waivers – Need Comments to DCH

Issue_137 – Unite Our Voices Changes and Medicaid RX Changes too!

Issue 136 – Georgia Proclaims Sept. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Issue 135 – New Face Book Group, COMP-NOW Waiver Comments, DCH Change in Policy for Providers

Issue 134 – COMP Waiver & Deeming Waiver update and Training Opportunity with DBHDD

Issue 133 – Georgia NOW & COMP Disability Waivers – Information and Meetings for families

Issue 132 – URGENT- Medicaid Provider Update- REVISED – GOOD NEWS! And Autism Plan

Issue 131 – URGENT- Medicaid Provider Update, DBHDD Info and More

Issue 130 – Transition & NOW-COMP Waiver Conferences and Childhood Cancer Fundraiser

Issue 129 – NOW & COMP Waiver Update, FOCUS, DBHDD changes coming….

Issue 128 – Medicaid Data and Dept of Justice Special Education Funding Formula Investigation

Issue 127 – Waiting List Waiver numbers, Olmstead Needs Volunteers, End R-Word, etc

Issue 126 – NOW-COMP Proposed Rate Changes – Concerns from DD Providers.

Issue 125 – Katie Beckett Waiver Changes, NOW-COMP Proposed Rate Changes, D-Day, and More

Issue 124 – Katie Beckett- Deeming Waiver Process Change and Donuts with Santa!

Issue 123 – Medicaid Redesign – Online Stakeholder Survey- Needs YOUR Input!

Issue 122 – Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver Update and Upsetting Abuse Information…

Issue 121 – Medicaid Advocacy Needed TODAY!!!!!

Issue 120 – Childhood Cancer Research Grant & Federal Medicaid Action Needed

Issue 119 – NOW/COMP Disability Waiver Rates – Family Forum Announcement

Issue 118 – NOW/COMP Disability Waiver Rates Update

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– 051711 DDD_Proposed_Rates_Public_Comments_Responses
– 022511 Detailed_Models_Proposed_DDD_Rates_
– 022311 Overview_Presentation_Proposed_DDD_Rates

Issue 117 – Cutting Paraprofessional Jobs – Advocacy Needed

Issue 116 – URGENT – Retraction for Newsletter #115

Issue 115 – URGENT – NOW-COMP Disability Waivers – Public Comment Needed for Rates

Issue 114 – GA Crisis Response System Training Information from DBHDD


Issue 112 – URGENT: Input needed regarding proposed rate changes for NOW/COMP Waivers

Related Documents (click to view/download)

– 022511 DBHDD Draft Rate Model for NOW COMP Waivers
– 022311 DBHDD Proposed Service Rates presentation
– 101910 DBHDD DD Rate Setting Project Summary Details Report for NOW COMP

Issue 111 – HB 229 Efficieny & Fairness in Medicaid Appeals Hearings – Advocacy Needed

Issue 110 – HB 229 Efficieny & Fairness in Medicaid Appeals Hearings – Needs YOUR Support!

Issue 109 – GREAT NEWS: Katie Beckett-Deeming Waiver Update and More

Issue 108 – URGENT Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver Advocacy Update

Issue 107 – Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver Information, Jumping for Jacob

Issue 105 – Jumping for Jacob – Childhood Cancer Research Fundraiser

Issue 104 – Monkey Joe’s, Jumping for Jacob Cancer Fundraiser, Disability 101 Seminar, Scholarships for Mom’

Issue 103 – It’s Been A Long Time…….

Issue 102 – Personal Message from Heidi J. Moore

Issue 101 – UPDATE on Important Rx Info, Abilities Expo and more

Issue 100 – Important Prescription Information and more…

Issue 99 – URGENT: Mandatory NOW/COMP Waiver Participate/Self Direction Training from DBHDD

Issue 98 – Sibling Study, DBHDD Advocates Mtg, Restraint & Seclusion forum and an Autism Race

Issue 97 – Flooding information, Monkey Joe’s, Movies and More

Issue 96 – Heidi’s Book, DMHDD Budget, Acumen and Good Media Attention!

Issue 95 – Additional: Acumen Town Hall meetings scheduled in Georgia!

Issue 94 – Acumen is scheduled for Town Hall Mtgs Next Week in Georgia

Issue 93 – Twitter, Acumen, Waiting Lists Petition, DBHDD Board Mtg and More.

Issue 92 – Summer Vacation is Over and Newsletter’s Begin Again!

Issue 91 – Important Announcement from Heidi J. Moore

Issue 90 – Important NOW/COMP Disability Waiver Update and More

Issue 89 – White House and Disabilities

Issue 88 – Legislative Update, Advocacy, Media, Fundraising and More!

Issue 87 – Autism Awareness Month – Media Attention on Channel 11 tomorrow AM!

Issue 86 – HB 228 approved, Success in Business, Prayers and more

Issue 85 – Radio Show, Respite, Money, Meetings and More

Issue 84 – April- Autism Awareness Month Information

Issue 83 – Cherokee County and Unlock The Waiting Lists Advocacy Efforts Needed by YOU and more!

Issue 82 – Advocacy in Action Needed for Individuals with Disabilities NOW!

Issue 81 – President Obama comment on The Tonight Show- Advocacy Needed NOW!

Issue 80 – Advocacy in Action, Special Educational Seminar

Issue 79 – Advocacy Needed for Disabilities TODAY!

Issue 78 – DD Advocates Meeting Minutes for NOW/COMP Waivers

Issue 77 – OLMSTEAD COMMENTS REQUESTED 4-10-09, and Unlock Update Too!

Issue 76 – URGENT: Advocates Meeting with Office of DD Tomorrow -3/10/09

Issue 75 – Advocacy Needed, Disability Day Update, Respite, and More

Issue 74 – Disability Day, AAC news, Unlock, Survey and More!

Issue 73 – Sensory friendly films, media attention to disabilities, Autism insurance bills, transition fair in Forsyth County, and Community Choice Act

Issue 72 – Advocacy for Nurses, Views and Other Important Information!

Issue 71 – Parents Night Out- Movie Night for Children with Special Needs, Tax help for families

Issue 70 – P2P Impact Award, FOCUS EDU Conf., IDEA needs your help, DSAA Fundraiser at Chili’

Issue 69 – President Obama Disability Agenda, Unlock, Educational training and more!

Issue 68 – ADVOCACY NEEDED: Protect our Nurses in Schools!

Issue 67 – Legislative Session, NOW/COMP Waivers, Waiting Lists and More

Issue 66 – Action Needed for Obama Transition Team, Chili’s Restaurant Event and Misc.

Issue 65 – NOW/COMP Waivers, Disability Study Group and GAPP Updates

Issue 64 – NOW/COMP Waiver – Important Information!

Issue 63 – Advocacy, Disability Day, Seminars, Media and More


Issue 61 – BCW Advocacy, NOW/COMP Training, etc.

Issue 60 – Waiting Lists, Olmstead, Waivers and More

Issue 59 – VOTE and Misc. Other Information

Issue 58 – Medicaid Updates (NSE – NOW Waiver) – VERY IMPORTANT INFO

Issue 57 – Medicaid Updates (NOW/COMP Waivers) and a personal thought

Issue 56 – Medicaid Updates (NOW/COMP Waivers) and More

Issue 55 – IMPORTANT: Katie Beckett Waiver Fair Hearing Information!

Issue 54 – Various Disability Information

Issue 53 – Katie Beckett Appeals and Motions for Summary Determination Legal Information

Issue 52 – URGENT: Katie Beckett Waiver Legal Training Announcement & Other Important Information!

Issue 51 – Clarification on Disability Waivers in GA (including the Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver)

Issue 50 – Concerns with Budget Issues in GA, Presidential Election Info and More

Issue 49 – Media, Meetings and More

Issue 48 – Associated Press Article in the Media – Get Involved!

Issue 47 – Disability Awareness in the Media

Issue 46 – Katie Beckett Waiver Fair Hearing Request and Other DD Information

Issue 45 – John McCain Chooses Sarah Palin as VP Running Mate (who has a child with Down syndrome)

Issue 44 – AJC Articles, Advocacy Needed and Other Information

Issue 43 – Major DHR/DCH Reorganization and Other Information

Issue 42 – Tropic Thunder Updates and Various Disability Information throughout Georgia!